Apply For Funding: Community Philanthropy Proposals

Proposal Narrative Guidelines

Please provide the following information in the order requested. All requested information should be completed in either an MS Word or Excel document. The narrative should be limited to five pages.

Organization Information

  • Brief summary of organization's history, mission, goals, and key achievements
  • Description of current programs, activities and accomplishments
  • Description of board and staff responsibilities and level of volunteer involvement (including level of board financial support through contributions.)

Purpose of Grant

  • Statement of issues to be addressed and target population
  • Description of the program including goals, measurable objectives, action plans, and capacity to carry out the program
  • Statement of the impact program will have on target population
  • Timetable for implementation
  • Key individuals involved in the program and a brief summary of their qualifications
  • Identify other organizations, partners, funders, if any, participating in the program or study ad their specific roles
  • Long term strategies for funding beyond this grant period


  • Describe plans for evaluation, including how success will be defined and measured and how progress and results will be documented.
  • The ResMed Foundation will require a final evaluation and expenditure report at the conclusion of the funding period.
  • Describe expected results during funding period and how results will be used and/or disseminated.

Final Report

Upon completion of the project the submission of a report to the Foundation detailing how the Foundation was acknowledged, how funds were spent, definitive outcomes and achievements are required of all grant recipients. Possible future funding will be contingent on the Foundation's timely receipt of this report.